1. Storage II

    look at http://cwelkovits.com/ for more

  2. *music*

  4. treehouse

  5. figurine with feather

  7. Bookbinder

    see http://cwelkovits.com/narrative/ for more

  8. Man Searching

    see http://cwelkovits.com/narrative/ for more

  9. digital “pre-shooting” of an idea

  10. untitled

  12. Siegendorf 06/14.
    [check out my homepage for location-info: http://cwelkovits.com/ruralurban/ ]

  13. first shot after 2 months without taking any picture with the large format camera. missed it.

    now you can check out the locations of this and other pictures on my homepage: http://cwelkovits.com/ruralurban/

  14. dust/dirt removal on a 4x5” negative

  15. some testshots made with a Fuji GW 690 II